Drive Meaningful Engagement

in employee wellbeing with our professionally-curated employee wellness boxes.

HealthBoxes are designed to maximize employee participation in your wellness programs & initiatives. We do this by combining...

Wellness Education

Use HealthBoxes as a tool to tactfully educate your employees on a chosen health and wellness topic, from Heart Health to Healthy Snacking to Self Care.

We work with Registered Dietitians, Cardiologists, and other healthcare professionals to develop actionable, interesting information on each health topic.

Wellness Products

HealthBoxes include tangible wellness products that your employees will love.

These wellness products are coordinated with the theme of the box, and include things like Wellness Journals, Superfood Snacks, and Affirmation Cards.

Wellness Experiences

Every box comes with vouchers for exclusive access to real-life wellness experiences from fitness class memberships to virtual meditation classes.

HealthBoxed is also...

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Female Founded

HealthBoxed is a female-founded company, and we support our fellow female entrepreneurs by sourcing over 80% of the wellness products in HealthBoxes from female-founded companies.

Featured here is Cindy Poiesz, the founder of Supernola, a granola snack packed with superfoods that is also super delicious!