Educate & Engage Your Employees

with our professionally-curated employee wellness boxes.

HealthBoxed is an effective employee wellness program because our wellness boxes combine actionable education and tangible products to drive engagement.


Use HealthBoxes as a tool to tactfully educate your employees on a new health and wellness topic every month.

Each HealthBox has a unique wellness theme and contains professionally-developed, actionable information on trending health topics.


HealthBoxes drive employee engagement by providing tangible wellness products that they'll love.

Each box contains health and wellness products that are coordinated with the theme of the box, such as healthy snacks or workout class vouchers.

HealthBoxed is also...

trusted by industry leaders


HealthBoxed is a female-founded company, and we support our fellow female entrepreneurs by sourcing over 80% of the wellness products in HealthBoxes from female-founded companies.

Featured here is Cindy Poiesz, the founder of Supernola, a granola snack packed with superfoods that is also super delicious!