It all started in an office, an office full of employees hard at work, but devoid of one very important factor- healthy snacks. A call for healthier snack options was beginning to be sung by employees working in offices where cookie trays, chips, and cereals reigned, and the healthiest thing to be found was a bruised apple. 

With a background in nutrition consulting for businesses, we spent a lot of time in offices, and were there to hear about the problem first-hand from employees. We also noticed employers grappling with the rising costs of recurrent sick days, high health insurance premiums, and decreasing productivity, and saw them searching for a solution. 

The resounding chorus coming from all kinds of businesses from technology titans to finance firms prompted us to develop a solution. After much evolution, HealthBoxed was born-  a spunky, passion-filled startup on a mega-mission to get America’s workforce healthier and happier. 

We’ve since begun to sell our curated healthy snack boxes to consumers as well- not just businesses, ‘cause they’re just too good not to share!


HealthBoxed was founded by Paige Anderson in late 2019. A native midwesterner, Paige grew up in rural Wisconsin before moving to New York City to attend New York University for a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Paige has a passion for health and wellness, and is on a mission to improve the health of America’s workforce, one healthy snack at a time. It was from her prior experience hosting in-office cooking demos, wellness days, and smoothie socials that she encountered the state of snacking in offices.

Paige's favorite snack is Nosh Bar, the chocolate flavor!